I remember it clearly, back in 2006 I met a great friend, Riaan. We decided to put something together, well it failed, but we got back up again and roped in another great pal, Shaun and then somehow we found Pierre on Facebook. The journey started with the 4 of us, not knowing what sound or direction we wanted to go, but this was what we were all about…do whatever we wanted to and have fun while doing it.

Somehow it started taking shape and we thought….HAY let’s record a demo and play a show! This is where Marcus from Aandklas gave us a shot (after many other venues turned us down). Immediately it bit us in a good way, HOOKED! The shows started rolling in and boy, did we play shows! So many shows! Not long after our debut we took part in The Mystic Boer battle of the bands and came out victors which gave us the opportunity to record our very first Ep: Box Of Dreams. This was such a great journey. Decided to spend more money and make a music video for Machine. Flippin intense period this was.

Not long after, we took part in the voting polls for Oppikoppi 2008, and just like that we got the slot. This was most probably one of our best experiences on stage. Although the initial vent of songs produced by BMR was well received by clubbers, rockers and moshers alike, we sought a more defined sound. The tipping point was the writing and recording of the single 'When we Collide' in late 2010 which sparked our own musical revolution. The fans eagerly received this trickle of new material added to every set.

Shortly after, we were welcomed in to the family of Paul Bothner Music. They have supported us in so many facets. We can not thank you guys enough at Bothner. Jaco, Tim, Derek, Heleen and Newton!

Unfortunately suppressed in the past years by ongoing line up changes, such as Nico mans (bass), Tim Holliday (drums), Christo Bester (bass) we boasted an almost European rock sound with pumping breakdowns, lung bending screams, boggling guitar effects, scratchy hooklines and catchy melodies.

This was evident in our new single release in 2012. 'Minority' boasts new found dynamics as each part of the song plays off the other. It takes you on a musical journey as you progress from one part to the other. The stripped down, back to basics 'Handcuffs' introduces a comforting new musical depth, where I was allowed to display vocal abilities and where guitar and vocal melody took priority over anything else, building up to almost breaking point.

Having found solid ground with new members Fano du Plessis (drums) and Rudolph Heinen (bass) they are determined to work their way back and surpass previous achievements in the years to come.

We went on to recording a couple more singles and these were one of the best times as the new unit known as Black Market Riots had in studio. I remember when Pierre and I sat down for a beer (lots), and Pierre suddenly said: “Dude, I think the 4 of us are going to stick together for a very long time” and man, did I feel this too…nothing could stop us now! This group of guys really stuck together and we made sure we do everything at the best of our abilities to keep this boat sailing.

Being said, we decided to do a “do it ourselves” album named EPOCH. The journey of this album started en of 2013, although it took us some time to finish it off. Everything was recorded at Rudolph studio: Roméo Hotel Studios…we used guitar stands, speaker stands, camera stands etc to record the guide tracks for the drums, so yes this was seriously a DIO project. Recording went a bit slow as we had gigs in between, work and general life including the awesome opportunity to play Ramfest JHB this year. This totally made all this fighting worth while.

Not long after Pierre fell ill with a serious disease which shook all of us. We had to cancel a couple of shows lined up. We went through a very tough time, praying and hoping that our our friend and brother will pull through and strum his guitars with us. Unfortunately that did not happen. We lost Pierre on 12 May 2014. There are no words to describe the feeling of loosing your best friend which blossomed in to a beautiful 6 year relationship. It took us some time to let go of the fact that Pierre won’t be turning up for practices, braais, hangouts, phone calls and general 2398042 messages a day. Loved this guy so much!

All I can say on behalf of this band, we tried very hard, we battled hard, we were dedicated to this group and all of this was worth it. Even if some folks talked us down on blogs or be it in our faces, we NEVER GAVE UP. I think this is a trade every single person should take on in their everyday lives. There is something about fighting for something you believe in and accept the fact that even if it will fail or not grow as fast as you would want it to grow…just don’t give up!

So thank you to each and everyone of you who believed in us, supported us, laughed with us or at us. We can not put in to words how much we appreciated all of you!

Here is a cheers to Black Market Riots.
We love all of you!

Danie, Fano, Rudloph, Riaan, Shaun, Tim, Nic, Christo and Pierre

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Festivals/ Events:
Oppikoppi 2008, Northam
Jool Braak Festival 2009, Stellenbosch
Raka Acoustic Festival 2009, Kamabati
Jool Tollies Quad Rock 2010, Stellenbosch
Jo'bur Burning 2010, Mellville
Vlakvarkgat Rock Fest 2010, Langebaan
UltraFest 2011, Stellenbosch
MK Awards Official Afterparty 2011, Cape Town
Soundwaves Music Festival 2011, Robertson
Rockfees 3 2011, Paarl De Ville
The Scoundrels Tour 2012, Stellenbosch
RAMfest 2014 Johannesburg

Shared the stage with:
Box Office
Prime Circle
Step Dog
Springbok Nude Girls
Taxi Violence
Van Coke Kartel
Vurses The Wolf
The Scoundrels (UK)


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